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Sex for disabled.


Escorts for the disabled. Second part. The subject of sex for the disabled, involves a series of regulatory implications, ethical, religious, etc. and he sees many positions that have different points of view and solutions are not always clear. During the last episode, we started listening to an escort who ...

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Escort for the disabled.


Escorts for the disabled. A debate that is taking place in many countries is related to sex for people with disabilities. We speak about tens and tens of millions of people who definitely have more difficult to relate to and have sex because of a kind of ‘insulation’ physical and ...

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Escorts for the disabled.


Escorts for the disabled people. People with disabilities tend to be regarded as nonsexual adults and are often denied a sexual self. Most of their needs are met through the provision of carers, but sex is completely denied. Families of people with disability tend to think that their adult special ...

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