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Engaged with a ladyboy.


Relationship with a ladyboy. There are already several cases of relationships that last for years among men (usually Western) and lady boys. Most of these stories were born during holiday periods in which men of different nationalities (British, Australian, American, etc.) have met their future girlfriends. Ladyboy girlfriend. A relationship ...

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Marry a transgender.


Relationship with a transgender. Part Three. We come to the third part of this series of posts dedicated to the feasibility of a relationship between a man and a transsexual. During the episode passed we began to interview a trans on its report and how after four years he is ...

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Transsexual girlfriend.


Girlfriend transgender. Second part. As already mentioned in another post, it seems to be increasing the number of couples consisting of a man and a trans. In the past, they represented exceptional cases. Today, they make up a very small number even if they are no longer of outstanding examples. ...

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Girlfriend transgender.


Transgender girlfriend. Are increasing those who have a romantic relationship (and / or sexual) with a transgender. These are not easy and simple relationships(in most cases) but in any case, the decision to embrace this type of relationship, it means breaking down the ‘wall’ that existed before for this type ...

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Meeting transsexuals.


Trans passion. The growing interest of many men for the transgenders. Second part. The growing interest in the transsxuales led us to do a test, a survey among men who like transgenders. As already published in the last post, we conducted a small survey among the visitors of some forums ...

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Top transgenders.


The best transgender. The features requested by lovers of trans. In worldwide, is growing the interest in the people of transgenders. Online searches for friendship, marriage, sex, etc. with transsexuals are constantly on the rise year after year. Even the offer of dating sites for transsexuals is growing and the ...

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Transsexual escorts.


Mature transgenders. Fifth part. In this fifth part, it ends the interview with a mature transgender escort. In the last post, we have addressed many theme of the work of Michela, a trans escort of about fifty years that more than thirty does this work. Now we finish the interview ...

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Mature transgender escorts.


Mature transexuals. Fourth part. We have reached the fourth part of this topic: the mature transgender escorts. Over the previous posts we started to hear the testimony of a transgender escort that works from over thirty years. We now continue with the interview. Does it seem strange that a boy ...

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Transgender escorts.


Mature transsexuals. Part Three. The offer of mature escorts has been gradually increasing over the years, worldwide. The same thing is also happening for the transgender escorts that in terms of numbers are increasing year after year numerous but also is increasing the demand from customers. During the last post, ...

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Mature transgenders.


Transsexual escorts. Second part. The turnover represented by the many milf escorts is growing all over the world and also the segment represented by transgender milf, follows the same trend. Many transgenders continue to work as escorts even after forty years, sometimes even after fifty, and in some cases, we ...

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