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Gay tourism.


Holiday for gay singles. Tens of millions of singles gay(or enough singles) every year they move in search of cozy places. It must be said that this is not a purely sexual tourism (in the sense of the commonplace more widespread) but of course, the desire to make meetings during ...

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Gay cruises.


Gay tourism. Cruises for gay. One of the segments that many shipping companies are looking at is that gay. A growing segment in the field of tourism that in recent years has been a very profitable market for many operators. The cruise has always been a way to socialize, meet ...

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Singles vacations.


Singles holidays. Singles’ holiday destinations are generally packed with wild parties, thrilling nightlife and daytime activities that bring out single girls and guys. There are a variety of destinations that cater to singles. Singles’ vacations are prearranged by many tour operators and may include a trip aboard a cruise ship ...

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Gay cruises.


Gay single cruises. There are many resorts and cruises that are open to the gay community. Cruises are a very popular vacation alternative and the gay single cruise is a fast growing niche market. There is a wide variety of cruises available for gay single men that include excellent exotic ...

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Holidays for singles


The testimony of a cruise for singles. Part Three. The cruises for singles are also growing because it is the number of singles that year after year is increasing. In the last episode, we started listening to the interview of a man who has recently participated in a cruise for ...

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Cruises for singles.


The cruises for singles. Second part. The cruise for singles is a time for socializing in a ‘location studied ad hoc’ with animators and special situations. The cruise lends itself to new experiences and passion to every situation. As mentioned last post, we publish the interview with a guest a ...

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Cruise for singles.


Doing a cruise for singles. The cruise is a stereotype of holiday that recalls the desire of encounters, of passion, of new love. Cruises dedicated to singles organized by some shipping companies seem to meet these objectives. Worldwide, the proposals of this kind are growing and are aimed at a ...

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