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Lonely women.


Single women. Second part. Single women remain single by choice or for other reasons not well understood? Let’s face it, women do not have some problems to meet a man, and yet, it seems that many representatives of the women have decided to step aside or otherwise, remain single: why? ...

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Women looking for man.


Single women. How many single women are today? Many, many more than you might think! A growing number, if we scroll to official data, but often you do not even need to go look in the statistics, you simply go to a mall, on the street, in a park, etc. ...

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Singles over 50.


Dating over 50. The real boom of registrations of singles over 50 on dating sites, dating agencies and marriage agencies, shows that this population is increasingly large and interested to socialize and find partners and relationships. It is a segment of the population that in the coming years is expected ...

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Single on Valentines day.


Valentines day for singles. There are some days of the year unappreciated by many single and lonely people: New Year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. In these dates, many single people feel even more alone than on other days of the year because it comes to festivals that bring to ‘the ...

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Single events.


Dinner dating. Fifth part. The places of socialization of singles and theme nights are the subject of the interview that we started during the past episode and they see as the protagonist of a local director and nightclubs that often has organized this type of initiatives over the years . ...

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Single party.


Meeting singles. Fourth part. The varied world of singles, as we’ve discovered in the last post, it is not easy to be segmented. Initiatives in favor of singles are many: the dating sites, matrimonial agencies, speed dating, dinners and theme nights, etc. but not always, as regards the concrete results, ...

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Single women.


Meet single women. Part Three. Singles, are a very large and heterogeneous group represented by a growing number of individuals. During the two previous installments, we have shown how the socialization demands coming from the millions of singles have not always answers, despite the presence of numerous dating sites, social ...

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Single girls.


Meet single girls. Second part. Single people today, according to the latest statistics, are a growing segment of the population and become more and more the object of the interest by companies, which offer services and solutions. loneliness also (as well as leisure and socialization needs of singles), represent the ...

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Meet singles.


Where to meet singles. The number of singles has been increasing in all Western societies, especially in medium and large cities where the presence of single men and women reaches of truly exceptional numbers. All this has led to an increase in demand for: opportunities / possibilities of meetings dedicated ...

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Alone women.


Gigolo for ladies. Part Eight. In last episodes we analyzed the theme of loneliness that affects both men and women, thanks to the testimony of a number of industry experts, ie people offering ‘solutions’ against loneliness: a entreneuse a nightclub, a holder of marriage agency, a professional escort and today, ...

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