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Sex tourism for women

Senegal Sex tourism.


Holiday in Senegal for sex. Senegal from few years is becoming a favorite destination for men and women (not so young) looking for dating. It is a welcoming country with a low cost of living compared to Western standards and that over the years has become a tourist destination increasingly ...

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Destinations of the female sex tourism.


Women hunting for adventures in other countries. Few recall the arrival in Italy in the sixties of many girls from various northern European countries in search of adventures, especially, in the summer to the tourist areas of the sea. An ancient sex tourism that few remember. Sex tourism to new ...

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Female Sex tourism.


The female sex tourism. When it speaks to sex tourism, in the collective you think about to a ‘sordid male’ who goes to hunt for prey sexual disadvantaged (children, girls, etc.) in poor countries. In fact, this cliché is only a memory if you look at the actual data of ...

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Female sex tourism in Africa.


Sexual holiday in Africa. Africa is the continent where today is focused many of the so-called female sex tourism. The countries that are the destination of this tourism are many: Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Gambia, Tunisia, Morocco, etc.. There are differences between nation and nation dictated by the character of its ...

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Travel for single women.


Female tourism in Senegal. Part Three. During the two previous parts, we have examined the issue of travel to Senegal from women looking for sexual adventures and sentimental, an upward trend that year after year it led in Africa hundreds of thousands of women, often, no longer young , creating ...

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Senegal and female tourism.


Sex tourism in Senegal. Second part. Senegal, has become an important destination for tourism in the feminine, in particular, for that segment of women no longer very young looking for local stallions able to offer them moments of passion and romance. As announced during the last post, today we give ...

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Female sex tourism Senegal.


Sex tourism in Africa. Senegal is seen as one of the countries where it is most developed sex tourism to 360 degrees in recent years. Not just a sex tourism carried out by men chasing women but also of men (gay) looking for other men and, of course, also a ...

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Female sex tourism in the Caribbean.


Female sex tourism from Europa and Usa. When we think of sex tourism, we usually picture a middle-aged white man travelling overseas in search for cheap prostitution. But growing numbers of women are willing to pay for a holiday romance too. About 600.000 women come to the Caribbean every year ...

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Female paid tourism.


Africa and female sex tourism. Part Three. Speaking of sex tourism for women without hearing a protagonist, a Swiss tourist who from years turns some tourist destinations in Africa in search of ‘romance’, there seemed limiting. During the last episode, we started the interview of our guest, placing a first ...

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Female sex tourism.


Female sex tourism. Romance tourisme. The interview. Second part. The female sex tourism is growing strongly and currently sees protagonists European white women looking for African and Caribbean destinations in which to feel loved and appreciated by local males. Even women then, follow the same, searching of their sexual and ...

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