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Working from home.


Being sex workers. Second part. When it comes to working at home, you immediately thought to the work by computer, to the old (but still present) tailoring work, the editorial collaborations, in home secretary activities, music lessons and the school repetition, assembly of products, etc.. But if we analyze the ...

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Sex worker.


Working as a sex worker from home. Workers working in the field of eros, sex and seduction in general, represent a wide array of professionals who work with different tasks in many areas. The sex workers are millions, even tens of millions around the world and in certain countries, represent ...

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How to become a wag.


Profession wag. Second part. In the last post, we introduced the topic of the ‘atypical’ profession (if you want to define) of wag, A figure increasingly present during major football matches and during the sports matches more followed. Beautiful girls (often without any major professional skills or special skills except ...

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Become a wag.


How to become a Wag. For several years now, we used to see on TV, on the Web, etc. while filming a football game or other sports, the presence of pretty girls who support a football team in very showy manner and that are captured by the cameras and the ...

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Make money with porn.


Earning in pornography. Money in pornography industry. Second part. The porn industry is a planetary business that gains enormous sums. The crisis linked to the advent of the Web that has cut away most of the gains that first came from the film production and from the sales of glossy ...

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Become a porn actor.


Working in porn industry. The advent of the Net, shook up many balances and income position, which for years had allowed many industries to grow steadily in terms of sales year after year. All this happened even in the porn business (similary to other fields of activity: music, film, publishing, ...

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How to become a stripper.


Become a stripper. Working as a stripper for a man, it is often a secondary activity that allows to obtain an income that varies according to the evenings or shows in which he took part. The criticality, derives from the fact that only a minority of clubs (in theme) ensures ...

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Shemale chat.


Smemale chat rooms. Trans that works in sex chat. Part Three. The transgenders that are working in sex chat are more and more and this depends on the growing demand that comes from the market, that is, by men of all ages and social conditions that prefer this target rather ...

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Chat trans.


Trans chat room. The activities of trans webcam girls. Second part. Transgenders are increasingly requested in all the so-called sex works and so, even the managers of sex chats had to adapt around the world, taking an increasing number of these people in chat to meet the demand for these ...

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Trans chat.


Transgender chat. The increase in the number of transgenders that working in chat. Compared to the past 10 years, in the sex chats, transgenders found much more space compared to the many cam boys and cam girls. This is also due to the increase in demand for these services by ...

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