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How to become escort boy.


Escort boy profession. Part Three. After the first two episodes in which we highlighted this type of profession, we continue in this post the interview with an escort boy started last time. Doing the escort boy. How long can you do this work?? I think it depends from case to ...

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Gigolo boy.


Escort boy. The interview. Second part. We have recalled in the last post that there is a growing demand for these figures. To better understand this area, we turned to an italian escort boy who has worked from two years on the international market Its original name is Giovanni and ...

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Escort boys.


Escort boy. Who are they? A category on the rise in the landscape of prostitution is made by the escort boys. It is young, just adult (in many cases) that present themselves as accompanist for meetings with both men and women. The clientele is often formed (and increasingly) by men. ...

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Become a gigolo gay.


Gigolo gay. Second part. We continue from the first part where we started listening to the testimony of a escort male gay named Francis, who for 7 years in this profession. Escort gay. Would you recommend this job to a young man? Why not? See, the point is how you ...

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Escort boy for gay.


Gigolo gay. One of the professions that is affecting a large number of boys, is that of the gigolo. Among the professionals in this category, we find those that meet the needs of men, that is, homosexuals requiring the company of a nice guy .. Gigolos gay. Who are they? ...

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Escort boy for ladies.


Become a gigolo. Second part. In the first part we started the interview with Joseph, a gigolo by profession to which we began to ask a series of questions about his profession. Now we continue with other questions. Why did you become a gigolo? Without hypocrisy, I do this job ...

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How to become gigolo.


Profession gigolo. Today we resume the theme already discussed in other posts with the presence of a gigolo who has lent to answer some questions related to his profession. His real name is Joseph, although the profile of your site using another name. In this short interview, we will know ...

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Become gigolo.


How to become a gigolo. There are no schools or preparatory courses for access to this profession but clearly listening to the testimony of some professionals (to which we will give space in the next post to listen to live their experience), this job you learn along the way and ...

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Rent men.


Doing the Gigolo. Second part. The profession of accompanist of women (or gigolo if you prefer) has maintained a certain charm also and in currently. Not only men to take rent a ‘a person’ for evenings, holidays, etc. ‘. Even women, always, express their needs and looking young men able ...

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Male Escort.


Become an escort boy. The male escort, known universally as gigolo, is a figure that is present from a long time and depending on the country, was defined with a specific name. Today, this profession is embraced by many young men because: it is offering good / excellent earnings; it ...

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