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Mature shemale.

mature shemale

Mature tranny escorts. Second part. After starting to analyze the shemale escort market in the first part, we now continue with the other points that refer to this sector. Shemale escorts. How much is this market worth? As we have already mentioned, the Web is no doubt the channel where ...

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Shemale escort.

shemale escort

Escort trans. Who are and how these professionals work. In the large market of escort services, a segment that grows year after year is without a doubt that represented by the shemale escorts. It is unequivocally a planetary success that sees the presence of millions of shemale escorts present all ...

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Milf escort.


Mature escort. As part of the offer of escorts, the market shows an increasing presence of mature escorts, also better known as milf escorts. It is a totally new phenomenon compared to the past, since both the demand and supply side of the market of milf escorts has never reached ...

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Trans escorts.


Transsexual escorts. Transsexual escorts grew in number and quality (we are no longer faced to simple transvestites but to escort very feminine, and often, with an exquisite dialectical) in recent years, in fact going to compete with the traditional escort in those areas where in the past, transsexual escorts were ...

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Escorts for women.


Escort for woman. Part Three. We have reached the third part of this topic devoted to escort that are required from female customers. During the last episode, we started to interview an escort offering her services (for about a quarter of the space of the work) to women. We continue ...

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Escort for ladies.


Escort for women. Second part. Within the varied world of the escorts, we also meet the demands of women (clients) that require the presence of women escort. So, women that seeking women. To better understand how work this segment of the market (which is narrower than the whole of the ...

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Escort for women.


Escorts for ladies. Looking for an escort for women. Alongside the escort who ‘accompany’ men, we also meet the escorts that follow requests also female. There is in fact a demand in this field that regards the female escorts for women. It is a growing niche though far from the ...

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Housewife escort.


Housewife prostitutes. One phenomenon widespread and very visible is that of housewives offering their services to men of various types The pattern revealed by some surveys and ‘chance discoveries’ is that of women who are self organizing to manage in a apartment a number of appointments. Housewife escort. A figure ...

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Start an escort website.


How to make an escort website. Part Three. In this third part, we continue the argument of the escort sites, that is, those Web sites that relate to the online promotion of escorts and gigolos through real online catalogs, or the more traditional ad portals. How to create an escort ...

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How to create an escort business.


How to make an escort website. Second part. In the first part, we started to present the ‘business model’ of the escort website and difficulties / opportunities related to this formula. In particular, we have highlighted: the presence of a proven formula from many time on the Web which is ...

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