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Mature shemale.

mature shemale

Mature tranny escorts. Second part. After starting to analyze the shemale escort market in the first part, we now continue with the other points that refer to this sector. Shemale escorts. How much is this market worth? As we have already mentioned, the Web is no doubt the channel where ...

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Shemale escort.

shemale escort

Escort trans. Who are and how these professionals work. In the large market of escort services, a segment that grows year after year is without a doubt that represented by the shemale escorts. It is unequivocally a planetary success that sees the presence of millions of shemale escorts present all ...

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Lonely women.


Single women. Second part. Single women remain single by choice or for other reasons not well understood? Let’s face it, women do not have some problems to meet a man, and yet, it seems that many representatives of the women have decided to step aside or otherwise, remain single: why? ...

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Women looking for man.


Single women. How many single women are today? Many, many more than you might think! A growing number, if we scroll to official data, but often you do not even need to go look in the statistics, you simply go to a mall, on the street, in a park, etc. ...

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Working from home.


Being sex workers. Second part. When it comes to working at home, you immediately thought to the work by computer, to the old (but still present) tailoring work, the editorial collaborations, in home secretary activities, music lessons and the school repetition, assembly of products, etc.. But if we analyze the ...

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Sex worker.


Working as a sex worker from home. Workers working in the field of eros, sex and seduction in general, represent a wide array of professionals who work with different tasks in many areas. The sex workers are millions, even tens of millions around the world and in certain countries, represent ...

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Milf escort.


Mature escort. As part of the offer of escorts, the market shows an increasing presence of mature escorts, also better known as milf escorts. It is a totally new phenomenon compared to the past, since both the demand and supply side of the market of milf escorts has never reached ...

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Mature women.


Milf passion. The sensuality and femininity through the centuries, have witnessed a number of changes, dictating fashions and styles, according to the times. One of the most prominent phenomena in recent years, is tied to the success of mature women, now known by the term milf or mature women. Body ...

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Approach a woman.


How to approach a woman. On the issue of approach to a woman much it has been said and written. For example : Are they valid for all technical approach techniques? Have any utilities all the seduction courses? Why do some men seem impeded when they try (or want) to ...

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Open an adult resort.


Resort for adults. A growing business. One of the tourist segments which received more growth in these recent years has been that connected to tourism for adults, in particular, tourism that has as its goal the resort for couples and single adults. The resort for adults have grown in number ...

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