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Senegal Sex tourism.

Holiday in Senegal for sex.

Senegal from few years is becoming a favorite destination for men and women (not so young) looking for dating.

It is a welcoming country with a low cost of living compared to Western standards and that over the years has become a tourist destination increasingly also by European women who want to make sexual encounters with young male.

The rumor spread, and so, many thousands of women every year find pleasure in making a holiday in this country.


Sexual tourism. Lonely women.

Women, especially the mature ones, are less and less bound by the limits of the past. They wish to live theie sexuality in a free way, also rediscovering certainties that have been lost over the years. Senegal is a popular destination for thousand of women each year.

Senegal Sex tourism. Sex in Senegal

Many women from France, Belgium, Italy, etc., have long since begun to frequent the beaches and resorts of this country.

So, there is a tourism thus less noisy and that joins to the male tourism.

Some predict a future growth, particularly form the women and gay men by all the world.

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