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How to become a wag.

Profession wag. Second part.

In the last post, we introduced the topic of the ‘atypical’ profession (if you want to define) of wag,

A figure increasingly present during major football matches and during the sports matches more followed.

Beautiful girls (often without any major professional skills or special skills except of course the beauty) who understood how to get a huge visibility at major sporting events on which to concentrate tens or hundreds of millions of viewers.

Become a wag. How to handle this task.

The basic skills that you must have are definitely kind of ‘external’, ie, a nice girl, outgoing and able to ‘stand out’ under the cameras.

Over time, the wag aims to become a fixed presence , a character who gives interviews and curing some of its spaces (very followed) on social networks.

In short, the goal is to become a brand able to represent a ‘vehicle’ for commercial enterprises who want to be visible through this ‘channel’.

Sexy girl. A profession.

In addition, the wag, may (if it has the ability) to try to carve out a niche in broadcasting, theme nights, etc..

Some then, want to obtain the role of wives and girlfriends of men sporting.

Then, a real professional.

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