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How to become escort boy.

Escort boy profession. Part Three.

After the first two episodes in which we highlighted this type of profession, we continue in this post the interview with an escort boy started last time.

Doing the escort boy. How long can you do this work??

I think it depends from case to case.

I think to continue more than 30 years, maybe up to 34 or 35, who knows.

Escort boys are appreciated as young.

At 50, he is no longer an escort boy!

How do you manage your personal life?

I take care of my body, I try to separate the work from my private life, I avoid certain excesses even if I do not lead a very healthy life.

Become an escort boy. Has it been difficult?

Say no.

The important thing is to do a job that gives you satisfaction.

If you need to carry out that activity by force, then, forget it.

You can not interact with a customer if you must do it by force.

Your family did they know?

At first, they did not know anything.

From 4 months (gradually) I informed them.

I have a brother who works in a small firm for 1200 Euros per month and now is likely to stay at home.

I’ve helped him and certainly in the future I will have to do it again because he has a wife and dependent children.

Without this work, how do you think I could do it?

How to become escortboy. Competition is tough in your industry?

For now I do not worry.

In the future, we will see.

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