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Gigolo boy.

Escort boy. The interview. Second part.

We have recalled in the last post that there is a growing demand for these figures.

To better understand this area, we turned to an italian escort boy who has worked from two years on the international market

Its original name is Giovanni and he threw himself headlong into this business leaving the previous occupations.

Do the escort boy. What does it mean?

It is a profession of companion that requires a number of qualities.

The physical appearance, age and ability to communicate, are the three basic skills.

You can not do the escort boy at 46 years old!

Doing gigolo. How are the customers?

Now, for the most part, I find them in the sense that I have a number of regular customers, and in addition, I use a couple of international sites that lead me a lot of work.

How old are you?

24 years and from two i am working full-time job.

Gigolo. Who are your customers?

Men are in the majority but also women.

These are people wealthy, Upper Class, very high or upper-middle from various nations.

Escort boy. Why do they choose you?

Perhaps because I satisfied them!

I understand that looking from outside may seem a trivial or frivolous profession, in fact, in the time it required to acquire a high level of professionalism if you do not want to end up being left out.

How much money gains an escort boy?

It depends on how good he is.

I earn around 250,000 Euros per year, plus some gift.

Gigolo boy. Someone gains more?


Mine is a good level but there is definitely who gains over 300,000 annually.

We continue in the second part.

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