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Escort boy for gay.

Gigolo gay.

One of the professions that is affecting a large number of boys, is that of the gigolo.

Among the professionals in this category, we find those that meet the needs of men, that is, homosexuals requiring the company of a nice guy ..

Gigolos gay. Who are they?

It is a growing number of boys and men who meet the demands of a growing number of men all over the world.

Some of these gigolo operate mainly with a male audience, others, respond to the demands both of women that men.

To know something more of this profession, we interviewed Francesco, a gigolo who offers his services for both men and women.

Gigolo gay. How did you become gigolo?

I can not define myself a homosexual in effect, i say that not drawing both men and women.

I started seven years ago for the request of my first client.

I understood that it could become a profession in its own right.

I organized my time to perfect myself with my work.

Who are your customers?

70% are men, the rest are women.

The men, in most cases, make a living ‘official’ as heterosexual, most of whom are married and / or with a woman in their life.

Women, average age between 35 and 60 years.

Gigolo for gay. Who are your best customers?

As for me, I have a few male clients in particular, very loyal.

From only these two clients of them, I can earn very good living from the proceeds.

How do you manage your life?

I spend a lot of time during the week to body care (gym, beauty center, hairdresser, etc.).

I get up around 9 in the morning, except when I work the precedent night.

I do not exceed with drinking and eating.

I have a nice car and a scooter and I’m going to buy the house.

My problem now, is to be able to justify the tax authorities where I got this money, given that the activities of gigolo is not recognized.

Regrets and guilt?


It continues in next post.

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