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Become a gigolo gay.

Gigolo gay. Second part.

We continue from the first part where we started listening to the testimony of a escort male gay named Francis, who for 7 years in this profession.

Escort gay. Would you recommend this job to a young man?

Why not?

See, the point is how you do your job, the effort that you put, the professionalism that you acquire over time.

Nothing is done by force.

Especially in this work.

Escort boy gay. Do you have had bad experiences over time?

Particularly negative I would say no!

Rather, I prefer to give up if i am not sure of the customer.

This is a job that you do it before his head with the body.

So if you’re not sure, forget it.

How do you contact customer?

Through my website I receive several contacts that turn later in requests via email or telephone.

In the past and even now in hand, I have also used the ads to find new customers.

The word of mouth was in the time the best vehicle to come in contact with excellent clients.

Being a gigolo gay. As long as do you think to get on with the weather in this profession?

For now, I do not put time limits.

Are you in touch with other colleagues?

I know one with which I have sometimes we feel via Facebook or on the phone.

On one occasion we did a service together for a wealthy client.

Thank Francis for your kindness and availability

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