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Rent a girlfriend.

Find a girlfriend for rent.

It may seem like a ‘strange thing’, yet, the request for a girlfriend to rent is quite widespread in the US as in Japan, Europe and other countries around the world.

The motivations behind this request relate to a variety of factors:

the fact of feeling alone at times of the year (New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, for the birthday, etc.), or, having to ‘get noticed’ by someone else (for other reasons).

Rent a girlfriend. Who provides this service.

We are not facing an escort service or paid sex.

A girlfriend for rent is a person who provides the accompaniment for a limited period, is able to converse, to maintain a good level of ‘company’, etc..

Then, the requested service is the presence, the accompaniment for a set period of time and not sex.

This is obviously good looking women, aware of their role and nothing vulgar in every aspect.

The fairness and professionalism of this service is the foundation of its success.

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