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How to become gigolo.

Profession gigolo.

Today we resume the theme already discussed in other posts with the presence of a gigolo who has lent to answer some questions related to his profession.

His real name is Joseph, although the profile of your site using another name.

In this short interview, we will know something more of this profession.

Become an escort boy. How you become a gigolo?

I started five years ago having played several professions, non-continuous:

lifeguard, model, waiter, security guard, etc..

After, i knew a guy who was earning very well with this work.

I spoke with him about the profession a night at a disco and told me some things.

I began to create a small website, then, a Facebook profile ad hoc putting some ads on the Net.

Become a gigolo. Is it been so easy enough?

We say gradually.

At first, I started with a few customers and then I expanded more and more in acquiring work safety and capacity.

How to become gigolo.

Customers of a gigolo. Who are they?

I can talk about my clients.

They are mostly women between 32 and 68 years.

In most of the cases belonging to the middle or upper class, from the economic point of view.

I would say that are people with a good level of preparation and culture in general.

How ro become gigolo. How much money does a gigolo?

Last year I received about 85,000 / 90,000 Euros but if you want, I could earn much more.

I also try to select customers and to live more easy in life and at work.

It continues in the second part.

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