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Escort boy for ladies.

Become a gigolo. Second part.

In the first part we started the interview with Joseph, a gigolo by profession to which we began to ask a series of questions about his profession.

Now we continue with other questions.

Why did you become a gigolo?

Without hypocrisy, I do this job because i have a good gain, i frequent fine restaurants, i can live a pleasant life and in these days, it’s better than going to do the bartender to gain 1000 Euros per month (like I did a few years ago).

Working as a gigolo. As long as you can?

As long as the body and the head you allow it.

I am aware of gigolos who worked over age 40 and continue to work on the ‘great’.

I’m still young and I hope to retire at that age, having earned well.

Become an escort boy. How you promote the job?

Today, Internet is the main channel for promoting, through the use of personal sites, the use of Facebook and ads on specialized sites.

Escort boy for ladies. What you earn every time?

The greatest reward that I received was of 4000 Euros for a weekend.

When you will finish with this job, what do you think to do?

I have not yet thought of.

I could open a activity, I do not know, a pleasant activity …..

Thank Giuseppe for your willingness.

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