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Become gigolo.

How to become a gigolo.

There are no schools or preparatory courses for access to this profession but clearly listening to the testimony of some professionals (to which we will give space in the next post to listen to live their experience), this job you learn along the way and you perfects month after month. 

How to become an escort boy.

Some persons, already have some character skills that allow them to be better prepared than others to do this work.
In fact, it is a real profession that must be faced with seriousness if they want to achieve results.
There are no professional courses but experience, helps to improve over time its professional quality in this sector.
The duration of this profession then varies from subject to subject.
In fact, some gigolo continue to exercise this work for decades with excellent results.

Become a gigolo. The working tools.

The care of your body and mind, are critical to the success of this work (like in many others).

Have a good culture and the ability to maintain a good level of conversation, it is among the qualities required by an attendant of success.

The discreet elegance, the best way to know how to present in the meetings, the ability to flexibly handle the various situations that we encounter, etc., are a set of key factors for the success of the activity.


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