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Destinations of the female sex tourism.

Women hunting for adventures in other countries.

Few recall the arrival in Italy in the sixties of many girls from various northern European countries in search of adventures, especially, in the summer to the tourist areas of the sea.

An ancient sex tourism that few remember.

Sex tourism for women.

Sex tourism to new places (in the sense of destination) by women in Europe, America, etc., Is a phenomenon that does not go unnoticed and sees in particular some countries and places among the most popular.

A tam tam using word of mouth, forums and other channels of communication to disseminate information among the new ‘female travelers’ after male colleagues during years of a total male dominance (in this type of holiday).

Female sex tourism. It breaks a taboo.

One of the most obvious, is that relating to drop of some barriers:

more and more women admit (and they do not feel ashamed) with acquaintances to go on holiday to distant countries to have sex with young lovers.

Destinations of the female sex tourism.

We’ll publish some interviews in this type of tourism, in particular, listening to some women who go on holiday in search of sex with young lovers.

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