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Rent men.

Doing the Gigolo. Second part.

The profession of accompanist of women (or gigolo if you prefer) has maintained a certain charm also and in currently.

Not only men to take rent a ‘a person’ for evenings, holidays, etc. ‘.

Even women, always, express their needs and looking young men able to respond to their needs.

As mentioned in the first part, we asked to a gigolo a series of questions.

As a rule of this site, we do not intend to do advertise and at the same time, we want honest answers (otherwise, we do not care), therefore, will be maintained the anonymity of our host who in real life is called Piero.

Why did you decide to do the escort man?

A few times to this question, I replied: ‘better than working in the mine’!

Joking aside, it is a job for which I feel led and that gives me some satisfaction, not just economic.

I got to know and learn a lot, as well as to attend environments that before I would not have known.

Let’s say that there are many advantages and few disadvantages!

Become a hour boy. Do you know your other colleagues?

Three or four at most.

A couple I know them because we worked as streap men a few years ago in several clubs.

With one of these men, I have maintained a good relationship and sometimes it feels.

Rent men. How do you reconcile your private life with this job?

Realizing that this work is a serious profession and should be managed with intelligence knowing that sooner or later you have to leave this job and your private life must have a space that fits with your work, as in any other occupation.

It scares you the most competition or advancing years?

They are two aspects that need to be managed and dealt with without worries.

Competition is not a problem if you know manage well, offering a high degree of professionalism

The ‘old age’ is need to remind yourself that you have a limited number of years to conclude what you have in mind to do.

We thank Piero, very philosopher no doubt.

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