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Male Escort.

Become an escort boy.

The male escort, known universally as gigolo, is a figure that is present from a long time and depending on the country, was defined with a specific name.

Today, this profession is embraced by many young men because:

it is offering good / excellent earnings;

it is very much in demand.

Become a gigolo. The departure.

Many young men begin this activity as a result perhaps of experience working as a waiter or sexy stripper, or, as artist in some local and so, go further, launching themselves into this world.

Others, however, are intended ‘on the market’ thanks to the power of the Web that promotes the visibility and allows to a freelance to collect contacts and customers even from scratch.

Doing the male escort. Talents.

Do not just be a beautiful guy, with a good physical and some other attributes to be able to become an expert and professional escort boy very required.

Of these subjects, there are already at will!

Male escort. The job.

As we will see in the interview during the next episode, they also serve the communication skills, a dose of true elegance and to know how to manage the stages of a ‘night’ or a holiday, making satisfying for the customer a variety of situations.

During the next post, we will publish an interview with a gigolo who for some years practicing this activity.

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