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Start a brothel.

How to start a brothel. Fourth part.

In some countries in the world, the create of a brothel is legal and is subjected to a set of rules (see, for example, countries like Germany, Switzerland, etc.).

In other situations, where it is forbidden to organize an activity of prostitution, such initiatives exist and operate in complete secrecy.

During the past episodes, we interviewed a woman who during 20 years has managed two similar activities in Italy in a major city.

We continue the interview where we left off.

Open a brothel. Tell me about your second initiative.

I started my second house for passionate meetings, alone.

I had made an experience and apart from a number of loyal customers, I have dealt mainly with the general management of the business.

They worked on average 10 women for a few hours a day or on specific appointments.

At the end of the activity, in addition to the main apartment, I could count on a couple of small apartments to be allocated to more reserved meetings.

It is not easy to handle 20 to 30 customers a day who want to maintain their privacy and at the same time, I did not want to create too much visibility in the building.


A good turnover …

I admit that things were going very well.

A varied clientele but basically good.

Why did you stop then?

After a few years, I had a check of police investigating on other issues.

They made it clear (to the police station called me) that I had to close.

For years, I had earned well and I did not have problems.

One must understand when it’s time to give up.

I had also other signals that made me understand that it was time to let it go.

Your example can be replicated?

See, in my first experience we were a group of colleagues, then, there was no

the crime of prostitution, in the second case, I was a madam of a brothel in wiche were working a dozen women.

So, when you’ve reached your goals and you understand that you can not go over, it’s smarter to withdraw.

We thank our friend for availability and her sincerity.

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