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Open a brothel.

Start a brothel. Women who self-manage, often, unbeknownst to their husbands.

In the media (especially in local newspapers) frequently, come to light some spicy stories related to the ‘discovery’ of pseudo cooperatives of housewives who are organized in the management of a brothel.

The cases of this type are thousands only in Italy and therefore, can not certainly be defined as a series of ‘isolated cases’ these types of initiatives.

In fact, the situations unearthed, they represent only a fraction of the total.

How to open a brothel. The self-management.

The search of an apartment in an area away from the habitual residence and a good promotion, are the basic ingredients to successfully launch such an activity.

A part of the customers then, tends to return, effectively creating a base loyal that tends to grow over time.


Start a brothel.

The criticality of this type of activity, are connected to three factors:

the neighbors that could be forewarned for the presence of a ‘bustle’ of extraneous to the life of the building;

the presence of clients ‘problematic’ which in time they could create tensions;

the risk of being discovered (the sex workers) from relatives and their family in the dark about this lucrative profession.

During the next part, we will hear the testimony of a woman that in the past, and for many years has worked in this area.

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