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How to start a brothel.

Start a brothel. The experience of a woman. Part Three.

Open a brothel is outlawed in Italy as in many other countries around the world.

So, the start of such an activity in Italy (for the many who have carried out similar initiatives) has meant taking important risks.

During the last episode, we started to hear the testimony of a woman who more 20 years ago has begun to manage similar initiatives along with some friends.

A little boredom and also to earn, gave the start of a brothel in a major city unbeknownst to her husband and companions.

We continue the interview where we left off.

Open a brothel.


But how did you remain anonymous with your families. Nobody has asked a few questions?

On this point, we invented some commitments of the type ‘a chore to hours’ to assist an elderly lady or something similar for all.

In the beginning it was enough and then, remember that at that time there were no cell phones and more.

You could not be traced from your husband on the grounds that he was in the area and he wanted to see you.

When you started to really go to the great?

I’ll tell you that after a year, we reached a round of interesting because many customers then came back to see us.

Since the end of the second year, we found another collaborator because the work was increasing more and more.

Who were the customers?

Many were people in passing who did not live in either city.

Others were merchants artisans, professionals, wealthy retirees, etc..

Things were going well.


After 4 years, we have given up.

One of the friends had some health problems and the voice of this activity began to circulate in our small town, and so, we have left everything to our collaborator who continued the activity for another two years recognizing to us a kind of good output.

The second initiative that you initiated?

Five years after the end of my first business, after the separation, I thought to get back into action.

I was no longer so young and attractive as before, however, I had the experience gained and this was worth a lot.

We continue the interview in the next part.

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