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How to open a brothel.

Start a brothel. Managing a brothel. Second part.

Despite being banned manage activities related to prostitution in Italy, then in practice, the appointment homes active in every corner of the country have always been many (many thousands).

Sometimes, it comes to local business that attract ‘territorially limited’ clients, in other situations, in particular those initiatives and managed in the big cities, the turnover potential is larger and you can also count on a pass clientele much wider.


Open a brothel. The interview.

During the first part, we have also listed a number of risk factors that should be considered when you run this type of business.

We were three women bored (in truth we were in a lot and we did not want that in our country it knew of our work).

One of us had a little shop that ran without much luck at the end of the nineties, another was the full-time homemaker and a third was already working in the city.

We had about 30 years each and a great desire to get away and do a bit of money.

We rented an apartment in the city in an area of semi-periphery, a clean environment with already a doctor’s office on the first floor.

It was important the presence of an activity that already would guarantee a bustle,

a bustle of people on the stairs of the building and then, where our customers were not branded as suspicions ‘subjects’.

With dozens of patients that were circulating every day back and forth around the front door, they could easily pass as the patients of the medical study.

A careful choice then!

Of course, even if we had been seen in that building by some acquaintances, we could always say that we had accompanied a friend to the doctor.

In addition, this was an area where none of the three had special contacts and knowledge.

How did you begin?

At the time, the newspaper ads were the channel required.

Today there is Internet, but at that time, it was necessary to do so.

We continue the interview in the second part.

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