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Student escorts.

The interview with two young escorts. Fifth part.

It ends with this post the interview we conducted with two young escorts who in the life of every day are two university students, like many others, but that in the available time, they conduct the business of escort with profitably.

The two girls have answered our many questions, telling us how they manage their personal and professional lives.

In this post, we finish the questions.

The ads of student escorts who are around published are true?

You who have contacted us, after how many fakes profiles, do you contact us?

Surely many.

The students who do the escorts in a professional manner and not to collect some money, are only a small minority (and luck..otherwise how much competition there would be!).


University escort girls.

Second girl.

Many foreign girls, put ads saying ‘student ..’ but in reality, are simply escorts that to be the most attractive add the term student.

Last question. What feature must have an escort who wants to become a professional?

The elegance and the class can not be improvised and and is not sufficient wear a pair of heels and a skirt sensual.

Without being racist but sometimes I see young ignorant girls, without the ability to express anything.

A customer asks first of all to communicate, to express themselves.

Second girl.

Correctness, accuracy, timeliness and confidentiality.

Doing this work means to keep these standards on an ongoing basis.

We thank our guests for their availability.

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