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Girlfriends for rent.

Gilfriends for rent in Japan.

There are many young Japanese men who, even if they want to go on a date, have little confidence in their ability to carry out an exciting conversation with the opposite sex. To those young men, we recommend Moé Date (, a Japanese dating service where you can rent a beautiful girlfriend for a day of real simulated romance.

Rent a girlfriend.

In Japan, you can rent an attractive girlfriend at Moé Date for a day of fake romance and test your dating skills without running the risk of being rejected. Moé Date offers a 1 hour date for ¥4,500 (US $55), a 3 hour date for ¥13,550 (US $170) and a 5 hour date for ¥19,500 (US $240). How you spend your time is up to you and you are expected to pay for all activities.

Using the reservation page on, you can choose the girl you would like to take out for a date and, after the reservation is completed, you are given her e-mail address so you can contact her to make arrangements for where to meet.

Moé Date makes it clear that it is not an escort service and the girls are not allowed to enter hotels or private rooms with clients.


Girlfriend for hire in Japan: Moé Date

Moé Date is seeing a gradual increase in clients. While this girlfriend rental service may be helpful for testing your dating skills without the risk of being rejected, remember that there is an extra 2,000 fee for dating the same girl two times. The bill does add up if you use the service more than once.

Moé Date explains that girls may confess their love to repeater clients on some occasions. In this case, the client may hire them for another date without having to pay the extra 2,000 charge.

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