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Sex tourism for women.

Romance tourism.

One of the fastest growing tourist segments is represented by the tourism of women, in particular, the one connected to the search of sex, passions and romantic relationships.

We’re not talking about girls who move to the beaches in search of young men for passionate nights of sex and romantic love stories.

Female tourism. The new frontier.

The identikit of these women, is represented by ladies with an average age greater then 50 years (although there are younger women) that stationed between 2 and 4 weeks in vacation spots in Africa or the Caribbean in search of the young men of the place.

It is a variant of the already known male sex tourism, albeit with some differences.

The tourists are generally affluent or rich women and come from many countries such as:

Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, Eastern Europe, etc..

A tam tam that has spread and draws on beaches and places of several countries an increasing number of women looking for stories of passion.


Sex tourism. Costs.

Compared to the costs borne by the male, the female tourists, they pay for the same services (accompaniment, sex, etc.) sums on average lower than the 20/40% (in many cases).

One must also take into account that the female sex tourism has certainly not reached anywhere near the numbers of the male tourism who has an older tradition and rooted.

In the next post, we will hear the confessions of a woman, a Swiss tourist who explains some aspects of this tourism.

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