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Female sex tourism.

Female sex tourism.

Romance tourisme. The interview. Second part.

The female sex tourism is growing strongly and currently sees protagonists European white women looking for African and Caribbean destinations in which to feel loved and appreciated by local males.

Even women then, follow the same, searching of their sexual and affective spaces in locations far from their residence to live, albeit for short periods, some stories of passion.

As mentioned in the last episode, today we listen to the interview with a lady of Swiss origin who from several years, at least, twice a year goes for tourism in Africa.

Who is the typical female tourist who goes on holiday for sex?

Well, we’re very direct, all right, so, I’d also remember that even a girl who goes to Ibiza goes there at the end to sex, then, the holidays, have among their primary motivations, those to offer opportunities to meet people and also of course sex.


Why, in Ibiza is there paid sex?

I would say in general no, but remember that ‘everything in the end you pay’, also a motorcycle trip, a reed, the sale of some of coca (typical in areas of tourism fashionable frequented by young women), are indirect forms of Payment to gain a bit of sex.

Hypocrisy at my age you put aside to focus on what life is still able to offer.

I am well aware that at 60 years old a woman is no longer as can be attractive at the age of 20 or 40 and then, or you decide not to have stories of passion and sex with young men and then, give up even to feel appreciated, or, you are forced to pay.

The same goes for men always, I seem.

It continues with the interview in the second part.

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