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Female paid tourism.

Africa and female sex tourism. Part Three.

Speaking of sex tourism for women without hearing a protagonist, a Swiss tourist who from years turns some tourist destinations in Africa in search of ‘romance’, there seemed limiting.

During the last episode, we started the interview of our guest, placing a first set of questions.

In this post, we conclude the interview.


When did you start to go it alone as a tourist to tourist destinations in Africa in search of adventure and passion?

About 5 years after my divorce.

I had passed forty-five years since about two years, and I understood that the usual rounds, the same evenings and holidays in the usual places, they were not more interesting for me.

By now, I was only interesting for men over 55 years, often for nothing fascinating, without beauty and without hypocrisy, no longer interested me.

I knew of some interesting destinations for female sex tourism and the idea appealed to me very much, because some times he had talked to some acquaintances, but nothing more.

I decided to investigate and take some information and so ‘, with a bit of apprehension and a lot of emotion, I threw myself on my first trip.

Since that first holiday, I continued with an average two travel per year, for an average of three weeks each time.

To whom would you recommend this holiday?

To all those women who are depressed, who have lost hope of being attractive and which they have even given up to do sex after 50 years.

Why drown in pills and in sessions by a psychologist when you come to download many tensions and feel appreciated again despite the wrinkles, the years running and many other problems?

Is it a growing phenomenon?

Of course it is.

The only phase of ‘crisis’ has represented the fear of Ebola.

For the rest, I know that many ‘colleagues’ are moving temporarily hunting from Africa to Latin America.

Do you spend a lot?

Far less than with the traditional tourism in traditional locations.

Once I did the math and I must say that from the point of view of the budget it’s worth it.

We thank our guests for its availability.

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