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Become escort boy.

History of a gigolo.

We continue the interview with a gigolo started during the last episode in which we have already placed a number of questions about his profession.

How many requests have from clients men?


How many of these requests are transformed into services provided?


I’m not gay. Once, I decided to agree to a request for two reasons:

the first was the economic offer, at least five times the amount I earn on average;

the second, I wanted to try at least once.

So, never again?

Exactly! Although I prefer to say ‘never say never’.


How much money does a gigolo?

I have read and heard everything.

Some who claim to earn more than 20,000 euro per month ….

I can tell you that my average income is eight thousand Euros per month and that, after 4 years working with seriousness.

Italy is a good market?

Listening to the stories of a gigolo who is now almost fifty years, this fellow told me that thirty years ago the turnover in Italy was much higher.

What would it be changed?

There is much more competition today than thirty years ago, and also much more crisis.

The money, runs less, not only in our industry.

We thank our guest and here we conclude this interview.

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