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Stories of gigolos.

Life of a gigolo. Fifth part.

Today we give space to the story of an Italian sex workers, the life of Luke, gigolo in Italy that from some years successfully exercises this profession.

Having dealt with some traditional escorts, we publish the interview with an Italian call boy who carries on his profession mainly in northern Italy.


Why become a gigolo?

I became a gigolo because I love sex, money and the good life.

Very direct response.

And why should I tell some whoppers!

I made the waiter for a little over 800 Euros per month, in addition to working as a steward at the disco and in some bachelorette clubs before to fully devote to this activity.

Become an escort boy. Your professional choice, it was a random choice or is the result of a process?

Working as a steward or waiter in places frequented by ladies also and above all, in the time you can understand your potential and so, one night I accepted the proposal of a lady who perhaps had drunk a little too much.

From then on, it was a downhill road.

From how long have you a gigolo?

Nearly four years!

How do you find your clients?

I have a customer base, as a professional of any area, I have built over time.

In addition, I advertise on two websites specialized.

Who are your customers?

Women, mainly of average age, with a high income or wealthy.

We will end the interview in the next episode.


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