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How to become a gigolo.

Become an escort boy for ladies. Part Three.

The craft of gigolo meets many new faces that year after year ‘enter’ in this profession.

For some, it is a choice prepared, for others, we are facing to the case.

In this interview began two episodes ago, we asked our host Bruno, a young gigolo for Italian ladies, a series of questions about his life and profession.

We now continue with the interview.

Being the gigolo. Is there so much competition?

I was talking of this with a ‘colleague’ a month ago.

He claimed to not while I on the contrary, I am convinced that there is a lot of competition in the market.

Do not ask me any market data or something because I am a taxi driver and a i have not a level of culture and managerial experience.

Everything I’ve learned in this job and in managing my profession is the result of direct experience.

No course, if they exist, no advice, no!


Have you ever thought about quitting?


And why?

Why I offer moments of happiness and serenity to women?

I might hurt someone?

And then, to give up to go for what? The taxi driver again?

Before leaving my previous activities I’ve thought a lot and I assure you that I do not regret anything.

Are you engaged?

From 4 months i attend a girl and at the time, I did not say to her anything about my professional life even though she is very suspicious and it is becoming complex to handle the situation.

Thinks that her friend saw me at dinner with a client, older than me by more than twenty years and I justified saying that it was my aunt who came to visit me from Switzerland.

A second time, someone saw me in a car with another woman, my client and immediately after I get the call from my girlfriend that asks me what I’m doing.

Fortunately, I’m not really stupid, I replied that I was taking the wife of the owner of my company at home because they had punctured the tire of the car and had no spare tire.

Some customers asked you greater involvement?

Rarely, it goes over.

A couple of occasions, at first, she tried to ask something more but I was able to handle it well.

I can not afford a jealous client or something.

It continues in the next part.

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