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Histories of escorts.

The first time. Second part.

The first time of an escort, that is, the meeting with the first customer, is the subject of this post in which we want to ‘tell us’ the experiences of some escorts at the beginning of their activity.

In the last episode, we hosted Silvia that told us that all was well from the first time and that this, confirmed even more the choice of this work.

Let’s now hear Cinzia.

Tell us about when you started, your first time.

Look, I worked every once in a hostess agency and one day, by one of the partners, he proposed me for 400 euro to ‘accompany’ in the day on Saturday a businessman who was in Milan for business.

It was clear that I had to put at its disposal by 10 in the morning to midnight.

I accepted, I needed the money.

It was better than taking 100 euro for a whole day standing in MIlan Fiera as a hostess.

The sex was only a commitment of 50 minutes in the second afternoon when I took him into the room.

The day passed quietly and also the time spent in the room, all in all was quiet.

The customer, kind, did not last that much and I (with good artistic interpretation) i helped him to come quickly.


So, you still had not decided to become an escort.


Since that day, I realized that I could make much money, without too many commitments with this work.

I accepted another 5 clients in the following month and then I got in just in effect.

After breaking the ice, everything was easier.

For me, it became a nice job after all.

We thank Cynthia for her contribution.

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