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Become an escort boy.

How to become a gigolo. Second part.

During the first part, we began to tell the story of Bruno, a young gigolo for ladies that starting from his profession as a taxi driver, gradually moved to do the steward for ladies.

The entrance into this profession was random and as we told in the last post, not predictable.

Currently in fact, he is working full-time as gigolo.

How does your typical day.

I get up around eight.

If I can, I avoid doing late at night because sleep is important.

Before leaving home, I check my email, the socials, in fact, my work is also is developed thanks to the Web, more and more.

In the morning, three or four times a week I attend a gym and sometimes I go by bike.

The morning, is the part of the day that I dedicate to personal chores: shopping, various practices, etc..

I try to have lunch at home when I can.

I do not mind preparing my lunch.

The late afternoon and evening, if not also the night (some), i take care of my work.


Become a gigolo. How many requests do you get each month?

It depends, I work at least 5 days a week .

Sometimes even seven and I can not keep up with requests.

In recent months, with the increased workload, I also did some selection, eliminating some previous customers more difficult to manage.

You know, when you do this full-time job, you have to give your best and achieve maximum productivity understood as a gain.

I know I can not do this job forever and so it becomes important to get organized.

Where do you find the clients?

As I said, I start with a round of clients that I carry around from a few years and then, Internet, helps me a lot.

In that sense, it helps you a lot?

I have my own website, I advertise on some site specific, i use Facebook to keep reports, etc..

I dedicate the first hour of the morning and an hour in the early afternoon to manage relationships and to be online.

It continues in the next episode.

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