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Escorts in disco night.

Escort in clubs. Part Three.

The turnover that the escort ‘do’ in clubs is huge and indirectly allows the various clubs to offer a service to their customers.

So, all in all, the work of these escort if it stays within certain limits, it is advantageous for these clubs.

We continue from last episode where we started listening to a security guard who told us how does it work the world of paid sex in nightclub.

We laugh the floor to our guest.


We talk about costs. How much are the fees charged by these escort?

I am not a research center but of course, I’ve heard ‘shoot’ many different prices, from 200 to 2000 euro.

Everything depends on the customer, from the time when the deal is done that is an important factor, by the escort, from the type of event, etc..

There are many variables that affect the rate and then, it is important to the ability to deal of the customer.

Some and I know for sure that there are cunning brokers(clients) that they do lower the request of these escorts.

As you notice the presence of these escorts into the club?

Now, I have an eye for these things, I not take much to realize if a girl is in the club for dance or instead to lure.

Women, even and especially those beautiful, remember that they are always in company and if you find some one, especially when are very young and flashy, you can go quiet that you are already on your way.

Customers then already know that one is an escort?

In much of them, at least the regulars.

Then, there are many others who discover it shortly after they have docked the girl because the young lady does not waste time to present herself.

So the clubs are a meeting place for luxury escorts?

Not always and not with the usual mode and the same presence but in many cases yes.

All subjects do things with class and style but the goal is to have sex (for the client) and find customers for the escorts.

A meeting place where we say that there are interests ‘common’.

Thank you Mario for the tips.

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