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Cam girl.

Working from home with a cam.

Hundreds of thousands of webcam girls in recent years have and they are still working from your PC to respond to the many tens of millions of customers around the world.

The webcam girls are one of the professions that have had a growing thanks to the development of the Web.

To know a little more of this work, we asked one of these professionals to answer some of our questions.

We are with Laura, a girl of little more than 30 years that works in chat from some few years.

Why did you become a cam girl?

I did the bartender, the saleswoman in two stores, I worked in a solarium but in the end, at best, you could earn 900 euro a month, with temporary contracts, unpaid overtime and certainties zero.

Then when I left with my partner (we shared the expenses of the house) I found on the rump of unsustainable costs and did not want to go back and live with my mother.

Become a cam girl.


Do you work full time?

6 to 8 hours a day.

I have a contract to work part time in a small office in order to remain in the work ‘normal’.

I can not do this job for life and therefore, it is best not to cut yourself off completely.

How much do you earn as webcam girls?

No less than 2000 Euros per month.

How your life has changed since you doing this job?

Look, at the end it’s a job like many if you think about it.

If you need to do ‘tricks’ in the virtual sense to keep your job, stabbing your colleagues, making the nice with your boss, etc., then, what changes?

Then, I offer my availability on line only to who look me for and I can tell you that are all adults and often, people with good jobs.

We thank Laura for her answers and we are confident that in the future we will return to ask more questions.

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