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Lap dancers.

The work of lap dancer.

From several years, the work of lap dancer is known by all, even by people who never attend a lap dance club.

The lap dance as fitness activity, is also entered in gyms and many courses are attended by wives and girlfriends.

The work of stripper and / or lap dancer (which in most cases correspond), provides that the girl dances around a pole and that in the course of the evening will be able to engage customers of the club, especially, also ‘selling’ the private striptease.


Doing the lap dancer.

So, the job of lap dancer, includes several tasks:

dancing around the pole;

entertaining the clients, drinking with them inside the club;

get customers to ‘buy’ a private show (in a private room).

‘do image’ inside the club.

The gain is then guaranteed by a number of these sources and may vary according to the agreements signed with the club.

How much money does earn a lap dancer.

The major source of income for a lap dancer, is represented by the percentage obtained by private shows.

So, the greater the number of these services ‘sold’, higher will be the earnings.

In the second part, we will give space to a lap dancer who will illustrate how run this work.

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